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It’s always good to have a guide when you’re navigating new territory.

Whether it’s the GPS in your car giving directions, or the translator on your trip to Japan offering cultural interpretation, we all feel better with someone helping us through a new situation.

Which is why the Texas Cardiac Arrhythmia Institute Center for Arrhythmias & Atrial Fibrillation initiated its extraordinary Nurse Navigator program.

The Nurse Navigator program connects our a-fib patients one-on-one with a TCAI nurse who serves as their personal guide through their journey back to heart health.

From diagnosis through recovery, your Nurse Navigator is your point-person for all the information and attention you might need.

Over the course of your treatment process, your Nurse Navigator will likely provide:

  • her direct telephone number, so she can be your go-to guide for answers and assurance;
  • clarification and complete understanding of your diagnosis, treatment and recovery;
  • realistic expectations for every part of the process;
  • important instructions both before and after a procedure;
  • key logistical information, like driving directions, local lodging, etc.; and
  • a full year of followup post-procedure, to help you manage medications, monitoring or other continuing care.

TCAI Nurse Navigators – tour guides for your return to heart health.

Learn more about TCAI’s Nurse Navigator program and

meet our staff of Nurse Navigators here.

Jamie LaRue, RN

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