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TCAI docs have been busy hosts this month . . .

No, not parties. But big events with groups of people – and for our electrophysiologists and the other attendees, the fare was still fairly thrilling.

– February 9-10th, TCAI and St. David’s Medical Center, along with Stereotaxis – a cardiac technologies company – sponsored the first-ever International Symposium on Remote Navigation for the Treatment of Complex Heart Arrhythmias.

Okay, yawn-inducing name. But cool conference.

Why? Because “remote navigation” means magnets, controlled via computer by your doctor, guiding catheters and other devices to and around the heart – with incredible precision and outstanding safety – to fix complex arrhythmias. And this system works with information and networking systems so that doctors anywhere with Internet access can collaborate and consult on procedures in real-time.

The symposium was led by TCAI electrophysiologists Dr. David Burkhardt and Dr. Rodney Horton, along with guest physician Dr. Tamas Szili-Torok, Clinical Head of Electrophsiology at Erasmus Medical Center in the Netherlands. About 30 medical professionals attended, observing live procedures and discussing a variety of technology “hot topics,” like how to achieve effective lesions and the next frontier for remote navigation.

– February 19-20th, TCAI and St. David’s Medical Center, along with Medtronic – a medical technology company – held a Basic Concepts of Device Management for Cardiology Fellows training, teaching future cardiologists how to use devices like pacemakers and implantable cardioverter-defibrillators [ICDs] to solve heart-rhythm problems.

Led by TCAI director Dr. Andrea Natale, TCAI electrophysiologists Dr. Robert Canby and Dr. Jason Zagrodzky, and Dr. Manish Assar, an electrophysiologist from Baylor Heart & Vascular at Baylor University Medical Center, about 30 cardiologists-to-be from across the country – from California to New York – participated. The students attended classroom, auditorium and virtual cath lab sessions, learning critical heart-device information and actually performing a simulated pacemaker implant procedure.

~ Jamie LaRue, RN

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