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There are a lot of things that make TCAI unique—being housed in one of Thompson Reuters’ Top 100 Hospitals, having access to the most sophisticated technology available to treat arrhythmias, and our world-respected physicians, to name a few. But one of the most impressive features about TCAI is a group of folks you’ll probably never even see—our Research Fellows. Every day, these guys and gals work tirelessly to investigate new and better ways to care for patients with rhythm disorders. 

They study things like what makes heart rhythm disorders happen in the first place, the relationship between other disorders and arrhythmias, and the safest ways to do the procedures that correct rhythm disorders. These behind-the-scenes detectives hail from around the globe, and are responsible for publishing research studies that have advanced the standard of care available to patients everywhere.

Luigi di Biase, MD, PhD, FHRS hails from Italy, and is the author of more than 80 published articles and eight book chapters. Luigi is an assistant professor at the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Austin, Texas, and at the University of Foggia, Italy. His most recent publication investigated the safety and efficacy of cryoablation for treatment of ventricular tachycardia. [Link]

Rong Bai is a Doctor and Professor of Medicine originally from China. He has also studied in Italy, Germany, and in the U.S. at the Cleveland Clinic. Rong recently published an article about using a novel form of echocardiogram to guide placement of defibrillator leads. [Link]

Mitra Mohanty was a family physician for 14 years in India. In addition to her extensive research background, Mitra is a Biology professor at Austin Community College. She is currently working on a study investigating the relationship between migraine headaches and AFib.

Prassant Mohanty is an Epidemiologist who began his career as a Primary Care Physician in Orissa, India. His work has included planning and reviewing cancer-related research studies developing public health monitoring programs. Prassant recently published a study on using a blood test to compare outcomes for men vs. women for atrial fibrillation (AFib) ablation. [Link]

Agnes Pump is a recent addition to the TCAI Research Fellows team from Budapest, Hungary. She was a doctor of cardiology and internal medicine in her home country, and translated a book about AFib from English to Hungarian.

Pasquale Santangeli is a medical doctor from Rome, Italy with extensive experience in researching and treating heart rhythm disorders in his home country. He recently published a broad review of the research that has shaped our treatment of atrial fibrillation with catheter ablation, with recommendations on direction for the future. [Link]

–Jamie LaRue, RN

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