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May 6, 2011– Today was a particularly proud day at TCAI! Cindy Williams, one of our Atrial Fibrillation Nurses, was chosen as recipient of the 2011 St. David’s Medical Center Nursing Excellence Award. Each year, St. David’s Medical Center honors two nurses with this award during National Nurse’s Week. Nurses are nominated for exceptional nursing care by their peers and the doctors and nurse practitioners they work with. This year, the nominees were so exemplary that three Nursing Excellence Awards were given!

Cindy has been an AFib nurse at TCAI since 2009. Since then, she has been a shining example of the kind of caring and compassion that St. David’s nurses are known for. A perfect illustration of Cindy’s dedication to her patients occurred in February of this year, when Austin experienced a once-in –a-blue-moon snow storm. Cindy drove in on treacherous roads and realized that her car would not make it up the last hill on the way to the hospital, so she got out of her car and walked the rest of the way to work. Since most of the other employees could not get here, Cindy happily picked up the slack and visited everyone’s patients for them. 

Although Cindy is an expert in the field of heart rhythm interpretation and a seasoned nurse, she knows that a nurse’s education is never finished. When the breakthrough new anticoagulation drug, Pradaxa, came on the market in March, Cindy took time outside of work to attend lectures about the drug to be sure that she could properly educate her patients and peers about it. 

A mentor to her peers and an exemplary patient educator, Cindy truly does embody the spirit of the Nurse Excellence Award. “ I love working at St. David’s,” Cindy said during her acceptance speech. “I love the job I get to do.”
— Jamie LaRue, RN

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