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Hello and welcome to the Women: Ages and Stages blog! We’re so happy you’re here.

I’m Meg, a labor & delivery nurse with St. David’s Medical Center downtown. I’m inviting you into our special world of everything women! This blog is intended to provide education about women’s needs across a continuum of life. Here at St. David’s Medical Center, WE care about YOU. We want to provide you with the best resources, the best information and THE BEST CARE that you deserve. St. David’s Medical Center has been delivering babies and providing Austin women with exceptional care since 1924.

A little about me, Meg! When I moved to Austin 5 years ago and told my family that I was going to be interviewing around town at different hospitals for a position as a labor & delivery nurse, my Aunt Tera said “if you are going to have a baby in Austin, St. David’s Medical Center is the place you want to be”. Naturally, I wanted to work for this place that was obviously well respected in the community.

I interviewed with Laraine McIntyre, the Director of Women’s Services and soon found myself working alongside the most talented women in the city. Coincidentally, Laraine was the delivery nurse who took care of my aunt when she delivered her twins in 1990 and again when my aunt delivered in 1993.

Tera raved about her nursing care and her ob/gyn Dr. Douglas McIntyre. Now as a nurse who is lucky to call these people my colleagues, I’m able to see what drew my family here. It’s the simple fact that WE ARE FAMILY, connected by caring for women and their needs.

At St. David’s Medical Center, we see countless family connections. They are mothers and daughters, they are sisters, they are aunts, they are nieces, and they are friends.

We hope that we are part of your family story, or that we will get to be part of your story someday soon.

– Meg

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