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Friends and family often ask me what to bring to the hospital when they come to have their baby-
This is a classic tale of LESS IS MORE!

Remember that although our rooms are comfortable and spacious you will have a new addition in the room that comes with lots of new equipment (diaper bag, car seat, CLOTHES!). There may also be many people coming to give you and the baby well wishes.

Here is a top 5 of things you should definitely consider bringing to the hospital.

  1. Your own pillow. Nothing says home like the smell of your sheets and a comfortable pillow.
  2. A small radio or iPod speakers/docking station. Music has been shown to decrease anxiety, motivate and relax a person – makes a great addition to any labor or postpartum room.
  3. Comfortable slippers with non slick soles.
  4. Magazines, books or something to focus on during early stages of labor and after the baby arrives.
  5. A comfortable robe – this is a recommendation from a friend who recently had a baby. Since hospital gowns are ‘one size fits all’ she felt somewhat exposed in her gown as she is a very petite person and the gown engulfed her. A soft, lightweight robe that you can easily breastfeed would be very helpful & comforting.

What did I forget?

~ Meg
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