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I recently started taking a pottery class- let me re-state this: I started taking a pottery class 4 weeks ago. In 12 hours of class time I have made a small jar or cup looking piece that is about 3 ½ inches tall and 2 inches wide. I have not fired it or glazed it yet. It’s somewhat depressing, but also inspiring at the same time.

I started taking this class to work on my skills and patience. Centering, centering, centering! It took me almost 6 hours to remember how to center my clay!

What I didn’t expect was to find a sense of community in the class. It feels almost therapeutic. The class consists of all women, all of us very different and at very different stages in life. Some of us have children, others don’t – some of us working busily in our careers, others retired.

Even though it’s challenging, working with the clay seems to provide us all the same benefit- relief. When I’m there in the studio, the only thing I’m thinking about is my current masterpiece.

There is a woman in the class is who about 7 ½ months pregnant or 30 weeks. As I watch her with the clay, I think how life is imitating art. How she is working so hard with this clay to get a perfected end result, much like her body is working hard to produce an entire perfect human being. Both are simply amazing. She is getting so close to the end result. Despite her growing tummy, she moves with intention and molds the clay.  She thought she would have to quit her classes as her stomach started to grow, but as it turns out she is more comfortable throwing pottery then she is most other times of the day. Her tummy lays low near the wheel as she pushes the weight of her body into her piece.  It doesn’t sound comfortable but she says she is!

The class talks about her upcoming due date offering tips and advice along with affirmations & validation.

I wonder to myself if she knew that this class would be an un-expected therapy when she signed up?

What are some of the activities that you did during pregnancy that offer other un-expected benefits?

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