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The holiday season is a time for merry making, which is usually associated with delicious food and drink.  Maintaining healthy eating and exercise habits during this time of year is a challenge for even the most dedicated!  Follow these simple steps to help control holiday eating:

1.  Plan what you will eat.  When you arrive at a party, scope out all the food choices and make a deliberate decision about what you put on your plate.  Following a plan that includes some healhy choices of fruit, lean protein, and vegtables will help you sample foods you enjoy without abandoning healthy habits.

2.  Tastes, pinches, and bites DO count!  Make your food selection and then walk away from the table and enjoy your meal.  Close proximity to those tempting morsels can lead to continued eating, even if you are no longer hungry.

3.  Avoid alcohol and save your calories for the main meal.  Alcohol provides many calories and essentially no nutrients.  Do your waist line and your friends a favor this year and be the designated driver.

Remember that the holiday season is a time for friends and family.  Make sure the time you spend with your loved ones is your priority.  Happy Holidays from all of us here at St. David’s Bariatric Center!


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