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Normally, I try to keep this blog focused on issues that impact patients directly, like how to take your own pulse, or how to prevent heart disease. But this time, I want to toot TCAI’s own horn a bit.

Last week, we hosted a symposium called EPLive here at St. David’s Medical Center in Austin. The first of its kind, this conference brought together the heavy hitters of electrophysiology to discuss live and pre-recorded EP procedures. Over 100 physicians, nurses, EP technologists, and industry representatives attended the two-day symposium, which contained a total of nearly 40 case presentations. Faculty included world-renowned electrophysiologists from major EP centers in Boston (MA), Akron (OH), Philadelphia (PA), Chicago (IL), Rochester (MN), New York, Stanford (CA), Los Angeles (CA), and Lancaster (PA), as well as Hamburg, Germany and Venice, Italy.

TCAI broadcast six live cases from our EP Lab on each day of the conference. While one of our physicians was focusing on performing the procedure, another TCAI physician walked conference attendees through the procedure and fielded questions from the audience. This unprecedented format allowed physicians to watch, live, complex cases being performed in real-time on anonymous (but very real) patients, with real challenges, trouble-shooting, and results. The sessions focused on ablation of atrial fibrillation and ventricular arrhythmias, as well as cardiac devices (such as pacemakers and defibrillators) and new technologies in electrophysiology.

As the brain-child of Dr. Andrea Natale (TCAI’s Medical Director) and the course co-directors, Drs. Francis Marchilinski, Paul J. Wang, and Amin Al-Ahmad, the goal of EPLive was to use actual procedures as a tool for teaching electrophysiologists how to implement the latest technological and technical advances in the field. Many of the cases sparked lively debate about the best way to approach a certain aspect of the procedure, and all prompted thoughtful questions from experienced and novice electrophysiology professionals.

According to attendees, the first-ever EPLive symposium was a huge success. We hope to host the conference again here in Austin in 2014.

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