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While many may put sleep on the back burner due to a hectic life schedule, sleep is just as important as a healthy diet and fitness plan. Lack of sleep can lead to serious health risks including:

  1. Hypertension – Individuals with diagnosed obstructive sleep apnea are between 2-3 times more likely to develop hypertension*
  2. BMI >30 – A Body Mass Index of over 30 is considered obese.
  3. Excessive Daytime Sleepiness – With obstructive sleep apnea, sleep patterns are disrupted, resulting in excessive sleepiness or fatigue during the day.
  4. Snoring/gasping for air – Extra tissue in the back of the airway can collapse or partially block the airway during the night, causing repetitive drops in blood oxygen levels. 
5. Cardiovascular disease – The prevalence of obstructive sleep apnea in patients with heart failure is estimated at 40% to 70% **

Take the Epworth Sleepiness scale to rate your level of sleepiness, then join St. David’s Round Rock Medical Center and Dr. Terry Peery, Neurologist and Board Certified Sleep Physician, this Thursday, April 26th from 6-7:30 pm to learn more and determine your risk and treatment options. Our free Sleep Disorders Seminar will be held at the St. David’s Health and Wellness Center at the Chasco Family YMCA. Please join us by registering at 512.478.3627 or 1.888.868.2104.

Holly Krivokapich
Health and Wellness Coordinator
St. David’s Round Rock Medical Center

*Peppard,P., et al., NEJM 2003;342:1378-1384 

** Javahari, S., Cur Treat Options in CV Med 2005;7:295-306 & Sin., D., et al., AJRCCM 1999;160:1101-1106


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