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The Dog Days of Summer are here and while you are most likely prepared for all the fun things this presents, are you ready for problems that come with the summer months as well? Sheila Dolbrow, RN, CFN, CA – CP SANE, and the Trauma Coordinator at St. David’s Round Rock Medical Center shares with us some of the top summer related safety concerns below. Join Sheila on July 12th for the Summer Safety Seminar at the St. David’s Round Rock Health and Wellness Center at the Chasco YMCA as she goes into detail on how to keep your family safe during the summer months.

  1. Do you know what to do in a disaster? Do you have a family plan?  –  I have found that a lot of people have never considered this and with recent storms, wildfires, and the threat of tornados and such many families have no plan for shelter, evacuation or anything else. At the seminar, I will have educational booklets that are full of family activities and materials for emergency preparedness.
  2. Water safety – We have already had multiple drownings in the area associated with the lakes and there have been several near drowning situations involving children associated with swimming pools.  I will cover some high points of boating safety, pool safety and appropriate floatation devices for kids.
  3. Bicycle/ATV safety – We had several fatalities over the last year here at St. David’s Round Rock Medical Center related to bicycle and ATV accidents. I will cover general safety related to helmet use, choosing the right helmet, etc.
  4. Heat-related safety – With temperatures well over 100 degrees everyone needs to be aware of risks involved with outdoor activities during extreme heat and the use of sunscreen.
  5. Distracted Driving – This is one of the biggest safety concerns of our time. I will go over all the ways you can be distracted.

The seminar will be from 6:00 -7:30 p.m. and registration is required so call 512-478-3627 and sign up today. We hope to see you there!

Holly Krivokapich
Health and Wellness Coordinator

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