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Tarie Beldin grilling the zucchini which she wrapped with goat cheese.

What a great treat we had last night at the St. David’s Round Rock Health and Wellness Center. Tarie Beldin, R.D., broke out the grill for some tasty non-traditional grilling! From grilled zucchini wrapped with goat cheese to grilled nectarines, Tarie showed the attendees new and healthy ways to grill. By just using olive oil spray, salt and pepper she was able to make a vegetarian feast on the grill.

The menu included the following items ALL GRILLED!

  • Zucchini with Goat Cheese
  • Caesar salad
  • Corn and Asparagus
Portobello Mushrooms
  • Nectarines with crushed ginger snaps and fat free frozen yogurt

Tarie also shared some top health tips when grilling.

  1. Do not partially grill extra meat or poultry to use later. Once you begin, cook until completely done to assure bacteria are destroyed. Grill raw poultry until the juices run clear and there is no pink.
  2. When taking food off the grill, Don’t put the cooked items on the same platter which held the raw meat unless you have washed the platter in between uses.
  3. Don’t transport your cooler in the trunk of your car, which exposes it to extreme heat or cold depending on the season. The best place for coolers is on the floor of the backseat, if they’ll fit.

Sheila Dolbow, a Registered Nurse with the Trauma Unit, also addressed safety regarding grilling and utensils. Sheila mentioned that they have seen cases where people receive internal injuries due to ingesting wire from the cleaning brushes so be careful when cleaning your grill as well!

We hope you have gotten some great ideas for new grilling recipes and also ways to stay safe! 

Our topic for the month of August is one of our most highly requested topics in Diabetes. Join us on August 9th for a seminar led by one of our St. David’s Round Rock Medical Center’s physician as they will discuss Diabetes and answer your questions. Call 512-478-3627 to register today.

Holly Krivokapich
St. David’s Round Rock Medical Center
Health and Wellness Coordinator

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