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(Bradley Price, MD, and OB-GYN at St. David’s Medical Center, recently co-authored an article on a recent study, “Exercise in Pregnancy: Effect on Fitness and Obstetric Outcomes— A Randomized Trial” in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, The Official Journal of the American College of Sports Medicine.)

The article highlighted a recent study to assess the benefits and risks of aerobic exercise during pregnancy, using a fitness regimen based on the 2002 American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) guidelines. Inactive women were randomized at 12-14 weeks gestation to a group which remained sedentary, or to a group which performed moderate aerobic exercise for 45-60 minutes, 4 days per week, for 36 weeks.

The results were that active women displayed improved aerobic fitness and muscular strength, experienced less premature labor, less incidence of gestational diabetes, delivered comparable size infants with significantly fewer Caesarean deliveries and recovered faster postpartum. Active women did not display gestational hypertension or experience injuries related to the exercise regimen. It was also determined that previously sedentary women who began exercising at 12-14 weeks showed improved fitness and delivery outcomes.

Dr. Price will be speaking further about this subject at an upcoming free community seminar:
Get Fit Pregnancy!
Wednesday, January 23
6:00-8:00 p.m.
St. David’s Medical Center, Medical Office Building, Fifth floor

A free pregnancy fitness consult will be offered to attendees as well. To register or learn more about this seminar please call 512.478.3627 or download the event flyer.

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