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Screenshot_1_15_13_7_05_PM(Guest Post: Lynelle Evans, PT Supervisor, St. David’s Rehabilitation Hospital)

How to equip your home to be a NO FALL ZONE – This is an issue for all generations whether you are in your 20s and thinking of your grandparents, or you are in your 70s and thinking of your own safety. Here are 10 things that will make your home a NO FALL ZONE:

  1. Make sure you have rails or grab bars for any steps or stairs.
  2. Remove all throw rugs in all rooms and your bath rooms. If you have one in your bathroom, put it away when you are not bathing.
  3. Do not allow any electrical cords to stretch across walk ways.
  4. Clear pathways throughout the house.
  5. Leave a night light or the bathroom light on at night.
  6. Phones – either carry one with you at all times or have voice mail on your home phones, so you do not have to rush to answer a phone.
  7. Be aware of your pets – those that might get between your feet and cause a fall or that might be big enough to knock you off balance.
  8. Toys – if you have young children or grandchildren in your home, be aware of their toys on the floors; also pet toys.
  9. Be aware of raised thresholds that may cause you to trip if you catch a toe.
  10. Place grab bars around your bathtub or shower areas.

This is by no means an exhaustive list on how to prevent falls, but this is a start to having a NO FALL ZONE in your house or a house of a loved one.

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