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220043_116616598421149_2558550_oBufalo Bob’s Chalupas is a true Austin dining experience—“dining truck-side,” but do not fear, this is not your average “taco truck.” Bob’s food is based on an atomic fusion of Tex-Mex and Mediterranean flavors that are unlike anything else. It’s the flavor and crunch you crave, but without the empty, fatty, salty, junk food you can find at other Austin food trailers. Centrally located in the “land of food and trucks,” Bob’s stands out among the sea of silver Airstreams peppered along South First, when it comes to healthy dining options.

Located at 2201 South First in Austin, TX, Bufalo Bob’s keeps a few important words near and dear to their South Austin hearts—tasty, healthy, fast and fun! Bob doesn’t serve unhealthy food, including no hormone laden beef or genetically modified vegetables; only the finest, freshest ingredients, and a large selection of vegetarian and gluten-free entrees are available.

Given Bob’s staunch commitment to healthy eating in Austin, his food was a prime candidate for the St. David’s HealthCare Healthy Dining Program.

The following items are approved menu items by the Healthy Dining Program:

  • Blueberry smoothie with honey
  • Hummus
  • Refried beans
  • Texas hummus (spicy pinto bean dip)
  • Buffalo taco meat
  • Shredded chicken
  • Salsa

(*the above items cannot be eaten with fried chips or fried chalupa)

The next time you are in South Austin and have the hankering for some healthy, tasty eats; saddle up and trot on over to Bufalo Bob’s Chalupas. You are guaranteed to have a good time partner!

-St. David’s HealthCare Healthy Dining Program

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