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Screenshot_3_27_13_6_52_AMMany pregnant women with low back pain feel they will have to suffer with the pain until their baby is born. After delivery, some mothers continue to have symptoms, but their schedule doesn’t allow them to receive any treatment. Months and even years pass before they can find the time to address their back pain. The repetitive bending, lifting and nursing can further exacerbate their symptoms leaving the patient to feel helpless and limiting the amount of care they can provide to their new baby.

At St. David’s Spine and Sports Therapy, we advocate starting physical therapy for pregnant women as soon as symptoms commence. Injections and medications are not an option for this population; therefore, physical therapy is often their only attempt at conservative treatment. Many pregnant women respond very quickly to mechanical therapy and require no more than 6-8 visits to resolve their problem. Furthermore, most of these patients display directional preference which dictates the treatment plan giving these patients immediate pain relieve with just a few simple exercises. Often, these patients are fearful of exercise worsening their symptoms or harming the baby, so guidance from their physical therapist is essential to their recovery. By increasing awareness that early intervention is an option, these patients can avoid chronic problems and be able to enjoy their new baby without having to suffer from back pain or sciatica. A specialized therapist can also help the post-partum mother with more chronic problems. Consulting a therapist with advanced training in spine care can help alleviate back pain and allow you to focus on your new baby. 

Kim Greene, PT Dip. MDT
St. David’s Spine and Sports Therapy
Diploma in Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy

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Austin, TX 78705
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