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“To be healthy, one needs to be occupied, doing the daily activities to fulfill the roles they have chosen”

photoWhat do Occupational Therapists do for their patients?

  • Find ways to help clients improve their abilities
  • Help people do the things they want or need to do
  • Restructure environments for optimal success to participate in daily life tasks
  • Re-educate movement patterns, improve cognitive skills and educate to modify task requirements
  • Specialize in creating customized splints to minimize deformity and improve functionality
  • Teach the use of adaptive equipment to simplify task performance and maintain independence with life skills
  • Use a holistic and individualized approach with all clients
  • Provide education and guidance to clients, family members and caregivers
  • Promote maximizing independence in all areas of life

The Occupational Therapists at St. David’s Round Rock Medical Center help patients participate more actively in life!

  • Work in the acute, inpatient, outpatient and Day Program settings
  • Treat a range of diagnoses and illnesses
    • Traumatic brain injury (TBI)
    • Upper extremity fractures and injuries
    • Total hip, knee or shoulder replacements
    • Stroke
    • Rotator cuff injuries
    • Traumas
      • Car or bicycle accidents
      • Falls
  • Help people across the lifespan – from neonates to the elderly
    • Work with children with special needs to help them participate in school and social situations
    • Work with people recovering from injury or illness to regain skills
    • Work with elderly adults who experience physical and cognitive changes

Help us celebrate our Occupational Therapists this month during National Occupational Therapy month!

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