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552667_10201785951198616_912141606_nWe’ve all seen the shows on HGTV―people come into your home and “bing, bang, boom,” you have a beautiful, new kitchen! With the magic of television – all things are possible, aren’t they? In reality, a typical kitchen remodel, or any room for that matter, takes longer than a weekend.

Moving (as I am sure many of you know) is an exhausting ordeal! By the time we closed on the house, packed up our old house and got it all moved to our new location, not to mention having an 18-month-old baby at the time…I just wanted to get stuff unpacked, have a snack and take a nap! As the years went by, I just got used to where things were, and the more stuff I accumulated, the more overwhelming it seemed to “reorganize” the kitchen to make it a more usable, workable space.

We have now lived in our home for 13 years and have discussed making changes to the kitchen for quite some time. With 3 kids, parties and entertaining and my career which includes some healthy catering, we have decided that there is no time like the present! Time to clean out items we do not use, throw out that nutmeg from 2001 and find all of the missing cat toys under the stove! Yes, packing the whole, entire kitchen will be a grueling task … but to be able to take the time to really think about where things need to be is very exciting. And there are no 18-month-olds running around to distract me!

I will be chronicling my kitchen makeover with you (if for nothing else….my own type of therapy to help me cope with the utter chaos that will be going on). However, I also hope to shed light on:

  1. what to keep in your pantry/refrigerator/freezer to help get healthy, delicious meals on the table in minutes and that people will actually want to eat;
  2. what are the tools of the trade (without spending your whole paycheck) that can save you time in the kitchen; and,
  3. perhaps most importantly – how to prepare healthy meals for 5 people while my kitchen is being remodeled.

If I can do it with a microwave, toaster and Keurig Coffee Maker out of my formal living room…so can you!

-Tarie Beldin

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