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Here at St. David’s Round Rock Medical Center we are committed to supporting your efforts to maintain a healthy lifestyle. That’s why we’ve joined the American Cancer Society® in recognizing National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month.

You might have heard how important testing is in preventing colon cancer or finding it early. But do you know why? Answer true or false to the following statements to find out how much you know about colon cancer:

  • Survival rates for colon cancer are up to 9 times higher if it’s found early.
  • Colon cancer usually begins with a pre-cancerous growth, which, if found early, can be removed before it turns into cancer.
  • People 50 and older should get screened regularly for colon cancer, whether or not someone in their family had or has it. Being tested is not a one-time event.
  • If everyone got tested as recommended, many colon cancer deaths could be prevented.

If you answered “true” to all of the above, you are right! Ask your doctor about the different ways of getting tested. You could stop colon cancer before it even starts.

For more information about steps you can take to stay well and prevent colon cancer, visit or call the American Cancer Society at 1-800-227-2345. (Source: American Cancer Society)

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