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Several years ago, Tricia Casler, Nurse Manager at SDSAMC, was challenged by her health coach; “Can you go for a 10 minute walk on Saturday?” Tricia said she was nearly humiliated and had to say yes to a 10 minute walk. She had no excuse. That walk was the start of her over 120 pound weight loss. Two years later she has kept the weight off and has done the Atlas ride, C25K and ………There is nothing more important to us than your health and wellbeing.

This coming April 1-30, St. David’s HealthCare will be participating in and sponsoring the nonprofit health challenge called Million Mile Month. Million Mile Month is a challenge to complete 1 million miles of physical activity, together as one community, across one month. Join the St. David’s HealthCare team as we log physical activity, win healthy prizes, and top the leaderboards. No matter where you are in your health journey, could you start with a short walk, yoga, or ride your bike? The goal is to start, and if you are already on top of your game; here is a month to show off!

Let’s show our city, state and nation just how many miles the St. David’s HealthCare community can do together this April, and take #1 on the Top Organizations Leaderboard. To make it more inviting, we will be competing by facility to inspire and enjoy one another, and get moving together!

April is the month. It is the month to say yes to getting started…one day at a time…one step at a time. Most of St. David’s HealthCare will join you in taking that step to better health! Together we can! Whether you are a “triathlete” or a “justgettingstartedathlete”; you are already better. You are a winner for registering, setting goals and taking those steps toward your goals. You are complete where you are today. Today is where we start.

Sign up today- it’s free, and it is for you and your health! Visit to create your login and choose a registration level. (Note: Reminder that SDH is sponsoring this event and you can go with the Bronze “Pay what you can” level that allows you to enter any amount $0 or above. Should you choose to donate and register at the Silver, Gold and Platinum levels, your payment is a tax deductible charitable donation. Gold and Platinum come with a T-Shirt. )

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