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Even though breastfeeding is natural, it is considered a learned behavior for both moms and babies.  However, information about breastfeeding is often outdated and inaccurate.   For instance, sore nipples are the second most common reason women quit breastfeeding, but the problem is the easiest issue for a lactation consultant to correct. Consider calling a lactation consultant for any of the following reasons:

  • Nipple damage
  • Pain in the breast or nipple when feeding
  • Nipple or breast infections
  • Baby losing excessive weight
  • Managing medical supplementation and preserving your milk supply
  • Problems with milk supply
  • Pumping and going back to work
  • How and when to introduce a bottle
  • Support, Support, Support!

A lactation consultant can help with any breastfeeding issue you might have. You can find a lactation consultant in the Austin area through the International Lactation Consultant Association website or via a statewide initiative called Breast Counts. St. David’s South Austin Medical Center is also forming an in-person support group for nursing mothers. Email for more information.


Donna Cordoba MSN RN IBCLC
Women Services Lactation Department

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