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Recently, two expectant mothers at St. David’s Women’s Center of Texas, located at St. David’s North Austin Medical Center, underwent complex, in utero surgical procedures to help their unborn babies who were suffering from kidney failure.

Mothers Emily Chenevert and Chardonnay Poole were referred to Dr. Sina Haeri, director of perinatal research at St. David’s Women’s Center of Texas and a perinatologist at Austin Maternal-Fetal Medicine, after learning that each woman’s unborn baby suffered from kidney obstructions and was in kidney failure.

Without a properly functioning kidney to provide amniotic fluid, other organs, such as the lungs, cannot properly develop. Babies born with this condition typically do not survive.

Dr. Haeri talked with the mothers about an innovative treatment called serial amnioinfusions—a series of fluid injections given directly into the mother’s womb through the abdomen. The additional fluid assists in lung development and reduces the risk of other problems for an unborn baby. The treatment is most successful when completed during the second trimester.

Emily’s son, Barrett, is now six months old. He was born at 33 weeks and spent 10 weeks in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Chardonnay’s son, Conley, is now five months old. He was born at 37 weeks and lived in the NICU for 12 weeks. Both boys receive dialysis and will eventually need kidney transplants. The two families are now friends who offer each other support.

Dr. Haeri is the first in Austin and among only a few in the country to offer amnioinfusions for this diagnosis.

KVUE-TV (ABC) recently met with the mothers, and the story can be found here.

Amnio Infusions Unborn Babies Suffering From Kidney Failure
Dr. Haeri holds babies Barrett Cheneveret (left) and Conley Poole (right) in June 2015.

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