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The holidays are a fun and joyful time. Unfortunately, crime incidents tend to increase during the holiday season. With all the hustle and bustle of shopping there are many opportunities for criminals to strike. Don’t make it easy for these offenders. Consider the reasonable security precautions for holiday safety we’ve listed below, and reduce the chances of being a crime victim.

Personal Security

Out and About

  • When holiday shopping, do not leave shopping bags or packages in open view in your car.
  • When you leave the mall, leave with a group. If you are shopping alone, ask an available security officer to escort you to your car.
  • Park in a well-lit area and always be aware of your surroundings.
  • Have your keys already in hand, promptly enter your car and lock the doors.
  • Depart the parking lot immediately. You are a potential target if you remain in the parking lot.

At Home

  • Do not leave wrapped packages by windows to tempt a potential burglar.
  • When traveling, give your home and “occupied” look.
  • Have lights set on automatic timers.
  • If you have an alarm system, make sure it is functional and active.
  • Ask a trusted neighbor check on your home.

Workplace Security

At the Office

  • Ensure only authorized employees and visitors enter your unit and workplace.
  • Keep all purses and valuables out of sight and locked away.
  • Be aware of any suspicious activity.
  • If you notice anything out of the ordinary, notify workforce security and/or 9-1-1.

Taking extra precautions during the holidays will help you feel more secure so you can enjoy everything this special time of year has to offer.

Nick Rios
St David’s Medical Center

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