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As Americans celebrate the 4th of July, many people want to have fun by shooting off fireworks to light up the sky. If you are going to be using fireworks, there are a few safety tips to keep in mind:

    • Never aim a firework at anyone – they can cause extreme injuries to people and pets.
    • Do not shoot fireworks off of your body – sometimes people think it might be funny to discharge a firework off their head or chest, but people have been critically injured and even killed this way – you have to remember that these are explosive devices.
    • Fireworks should only be discharged in open spaces and approved locations – be mindful of city ordinances that prevent fireworks within the city limits (includes Austin and many surrounding cities), and also stay away from homes, awnings, vehicles, etc.
    • Back away quickly after lighting a firework, and NEVER attempt to inspect a “dud” or relight it – it may inadvertently go off in your face while looking at it.
    • Keep a bucket of water or garden hose close by in case of fire
    • Supervise children very closely – they should not be handling fireworks without proper instruction and supervision.
    • Remain sober – alcohol and fireworks do not mix and may cause you to make some careless decisions. Designate a sober individual to manage the fireworks.

Please also remember this holiday weekend to avoid drinking and driving. Designate a sober driver and make a safety plan for how you plan on getting home.

Stay safe and have fun! Happy birthday USA!

Kristen Hullum
Trauma Injury Prevention Coordinator
St. David’s Round Rock Medical Center

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