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We are excited to announce that we have had numerous panels selected for SXSW 2018, giving us the opportunity to showcase some of the great work happening across St. David’s HealthCare and St. David’s Foundation. Thank you for everyone’s votes and support.

Mobility beyond Wheelchairs: Robotic Exoskeletons

The future of mobility and ambulation for individuals in wheelchairs will be optimized through advanced robotics and related assistive technologies. Robotic exoskeletons can facilitate standing and walking in individuals with neurological conditions, thereby maximizing quality of life and minimizing risks associated with prolonged wheelchair use. This panel will present an overview of the engineering of robotics for healthcare and how these technologies will shape the future of medicine.

• Juan Latorre, MD, Medical Director of Spinal Cord Injury & Amputee Programs, St. David’s Rehabilitation Hospital
• Yoon Jeong, PhD, Co-Founder and VP Medical Devices, suitX
• Anna Sternin, DPT, Physical Therapist, suitX

Reprogramming the Brain with Upper Body Robotics

Robotics are the future of physical rehabilitation. Harmony is the world’s first two-armed, upper-body, robotic-assisted exoskeleton suitable for rehabilitation and neuro-reprogramming for individuals with many types of brain injuries. The UT Austin ReNeu Laboratory, St. David’s HealthCare, and Harmonic Bionics will discuss the challenges and opportunities for robotics in the clinical and home rehabilitation setting, as well as the promise of robotic exoskeletons to improve patient outcomes.

• Robert Lee, MD, Medical Director Stroke and Neurological Recovery, St. David’s Rehabilitation Hospital
• Youngmok Yun, PhD, CEO, Harmonic Bionics
• Ashish Deshpande, PhD, Associate Professor, UT Austin

How Digital Technology Will Advance Brain Surgery

Nearly 2 million brain surgeries are performed annually in the US. Digital technologies such as tractography, a novel method for building computer models of the nerve paths through the brain, and data analytics are revolutionizing the operating room for both surgeons and patients. This panel will discuss significant software and hardware advances in tractography for building surgical planning and intra-operative guidance systems that can produce better outcomes for patients.

• Anant Patel, MD, Central Texas Brain & Spine practices at St. David’s North Austin Medical Center
• Jordan Amadio, MD, MBA, Co-Founder NeuroLaunch
• Rachel Beecham, Bioinformatics, Synaptive Medical
• Wes Hodges, Co-Founder, Synaptive Medical

Giving Back Rocks: How Top Brands Do It

What do a bandleader, jewelry designer, hair care billionaire, and hospital have in common? Successful businesses that give back to the community, and it’s all on brand. This session highlights how an unconventional collection of panelists: Ray Benson, frontman for Asleep at the Wheel, Kendra Scott, John Paul DeJoria, Austin’s St. David’s HealthCare – leverage their individual talents and brands for serious philanthropy. How they do it that is as different as all of them.

• Ray Benson, Asleep at the Wheel (and St. David’s Foundation Board Member)
• Kendra Scott, Kendra Scott Jewelry
• John Paul DeJoria, Paul Mitchell / Patron Spirits
• Denise Bradley, St. David’s HealthCare

St. David’s Foundation Panels

Childhood Trauma’s Footprint on Health

Can a traumatic event that happened in your childhood affect your health as an adult? Research is showing us that early childhood experiences can lead to negative health outcomes, like addiction and heart disease, later in life. James Redford, director of the groundbreaking documentary Resilience, will lead a panel of experts who will dive into childhood adversity’s impact on adult health outcomes, and the efforts to bring this research into public consciousness and medical practice.

• James Redford, Director of the documentary Resilience
• Dr. Pritesh Gandhi, People’s Community Clinic
• Kim McPherson, St. David’s Foundation

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