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Stop the Bleed is a national initiative to improve the survival rates of those who are involved in a traumatic injury with life-threatening bleeding. These injuries can occur anywhere – motor vehicle collisions, home or work injuries, mass shootings or bombings. By providing the knowledge and skills of how to stop severe bleeding to bystanders, they can intervene quickly to bridge the gap between the time of injury and the time that EMS arrives – which can easily be eight to ten minutes or longer. Sadly, a person can bleed out and die in as little as three to four minutes, depending on the location and severity of the injury. Their only hope of survival is if a bystander is able to step in and assist with controlling the blood loss.

The Stop the Bleed course is approximately two hours and provides both lecture and hands-on practice of skills. We teach laypeople how to call 9-1-1 immediately, recognize life-threatening bleeding, and control the bleed utilizing either direct pressure, wound packing or tourniquet application.

St. David’s Round Rock Medical Center has been working closely with local EMS organizations to provide this course to schools, employers, churches and the general community. We are happy to provide this course to your organization, or we invite you to attend one of our quarterly weekend courses at the hospital.  The courses are always free of charge, and you will receive instruction from experienced nurses and paramedics.

Please visit the St. David’s Round Rock Medical Center Facebook page for upcoming events, or you may contact the Trauma Injury Prevention Coordinator at 512.341.6118 or for more information.

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