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5621 Airport Blvd Austin, TX 78751

Approved Menu Items

  • Grilled Texas gulf black Drum
  • Grilled Gulf shrimp
  • Grilled Atlantic salmon
  • Grilled Ruby red trout
  • Grilled rainbow trout
  • Grilled Texas catfish
  • Broiled Greenland flounder
  • Broiled Icelandic cod
  • Broiled sea scallops
  • Grilled chicken breast
  • Sides: garden salad (with Italian or vinaigrette dressing), steamed green beans, or steamed broccoli
  • Grilled fish taco (with grilled Mahi mahi) with corn tortilla and mango pineapple pico de gallo, or avocado pico de gallo or roasted tomato salsa
  • Salmon burger (no bun) on a bed of lettuce or with 2 veggie sides
  • Seafood salad- with grilled salmon or trout (omit the fried onions) and Italian or vinaigrette dressing
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